Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tuscan Mushroom & Potato Torte

This was the tastiest recipe I've done yet. It is from the Veggie cookbook. And boy oh boy is it delicious.  The only thing is I would add more salt. It is a bit weak in that area!
I did cheat just a little. I didn't want to make the pie crust so I used the pre-made frozen kind. It is okay...but has a .....well a pre-made taste! So should I decide to make this one again, I will make my own. And I will add more pepper...and more salt. The mushrooms are a delight in it as are the onions. the potatoes came out good. Mashed, but not mashed. TASTY!!!

Next week the cooking will be harder. Hubby will be in FL for the next week and my mom will be over every night to have a "Rosemary & Thyme" marathon. She isn't so inventive with cooking. I grew up in a meat and potato family and that was what we ate. It was good, and hearty and no one in our house ever went hungry. Sadly, this has made her a bit wary of new food tastes, textures, recipes. We will see if I decide to do anything next week or not. Maybe I'll look through the books and find things that are closer to comfort food. Then I can keep going and I wont have to make her BLTs every night.


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