Sunday, February 10, 2013

Broccoli Beef with Rice

I followed the recipe....except I doubled it. Family over for dinner and all.

I should have followed my gut though. It called for a TABLESPOON of pepper...guess what flavor it was? Yea...PEPPER!!! My mother and daughter wouldn't eat it. I made them a BLT. Yea I'm prepared!

I have decided I will make notes in the cookbooks as I go. Like....1/2 the pepper, cook shorter time, cut the beef against the grain, and 1/2 the broth. Then it would have been perfect. And maybe add a little starch. I may have been spoiled with the Americanized version where the sauce kind of...sticks to the food.

Instead it was peppery, meat was tough, it was watery, and the broccoli was smushy. I know it is a technical term....look it up on Google. ;-)

Here is the pic....
Looks pretty doesn't it? Well looks can be deceiving. Okay it was that bad. But I would have to play with it a bit before doing it again.

My next one I think will be a potato recipe out of the veggie cookbook. It takes about 1-1/2 hrs just for cooking, setting time. So that may be on the weekend.

On a good note, the cookies were a hit. Sadly, today is GS cookie day...and their lovely orangy beauty was overshadowed by the yumminess that is THIN MINTS!!!

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