Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OMG GOOD!!!! (edited)

This post has been edited to fill you in on the items missing due to alcohol consumption. The names have been changed to what they really are now that I can remember them,

Yes...I've FINALLY done it....I've cooked something that I will definitely do again!! It is called Tam Yam (Tom Yam) soup. SO DANG GOOD!!

I'm such a happy camper. Mom came over as the hubby is gone and we had dinner and Absolute Citron that is flavored with Mandarin Orange. We like it so much that we have added it to jello and we are right now waiting for it to chill. It will be awesome! Yes it was awesome and my fridge smells like a tavern due to the leftovers!

Anyway....the recipe has so may things in it. I've had a big shot of Citron so I cant remember any of them except this crazy root. (It is called Galangal. Hard to remember that one sober so I don't feel TOO bad.) It looks like ginger. It was SO hard to peel. I was able to get it sliced only because I had a very strong slicer with very sharp blades. And now I've forgotten the name of the root! HAHAHAH.
BUT here is a picture of it!
Anyway. It made the most amazing soup. Wish I could remember the name. lol

Here is the soup.

 There is shrimp, lemon grass, green onion (scallion for the fancy people), celery, tomatoes, that root, and a bunch of spices! It also has fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar, chicken stock, lime leaves are are STUPID expensive. Next time I'll go to Freddy's and buy limes with the leaves still attached! Anyway, you get the gist of it.

Maybe tomorrow I won't have a drink with Mom and will be able to list what else is in it!!!!
But I've had a rough few weeks and I make NO promises.

 Final editors note: I wasn't going to cook tonight (editorial made the next day obviously) but I cant help myself. I have a recipe called Honga's Chicken Salad. And it looks tasty so I've put a chicken in the crockpot in anticipation of tonight's dinner. Mom said she could handle that one...maybe. I still have the makings in the fridge for BLTs for her so one way or the other she wont starve. Well I'm off to work.

Just did a spellcheck. Scallion, Sauce, and Crockpot came up. REALLY? How do you add words to this dictionary? I can understand Hongs's and Galangal but sauce????  Hahaha I just said but sauce.

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