Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting it Together!!

I'm getting pretty excited!!!

I have 8 days worth of recipes picked out. And the shopping list....OH MY!

I think the first few trips will be the most expensive. There are so many new things I've never used before that I need to get. Most of them are out of the Pan Asian cookbook. Loads of new oils and spices. There are even recipes to make your own broths and spice mixes in the book. I'm kind of excited to try those!!!

The things I've chosen to cook are the following:
Tuscan Mushroom Potato Torte
Fried Rice & Daikon Salad
4 in One Tomato Soup
Hongas Chicken Salad
Lentil Burgers & Coleslaw
Tam Yam Soup
Risotto Alla Milanese
Beef Broccoli with Rice

There are so many things to get. I had to look some of the ingredients up because I have NO idea what they are.I mean Fenu Greek....Kochichili, Galangal...anyone anyone?? Yea...I'm learning too. The Galangal is a root spice like Ginger. Kochichili is a chili. Fenugreek is a spice. Sooo excited. We will see on Saturday how the shopping trip goes.


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