Monday, March 4, 2013

Back At It

My back was feeling better yesterday so I hit the books again! It wasn't the two books I was working on. I needed some comfort food and you don't find that in a Pan Asian or veggie book.

Que Betty Crocker! I have a recipe book that use to be my mom's. Some of the pages are faded, most are dirty, and some are stuck together. This attests to the usability of the book. I truly believe that. You can tell the best recipes in a book by how dirty the pages are!

I choose Chicken Pot Pie yesterday. I used turkey instead of chicken because it is what I had on hand. I also added extra veggies. Much as I love me some Betty Crocker....I needed more veggies than onions, frozen peas, and frozen carrots. :-) The recipe has a lovely celery seed crust and cooks in 35 minutes if you don't add all the extra veggies I did. I made the dough thin and was able to eek out enough for our lunch too. Here is a pic of our lunch one (before cooking).

I have this little old casserole dish. I love using it. It holds enough for 4 and is so darn cute. It even has a lid. So I'll put it in the oven at work for an hour before lunch. It will be DELISH!

Also I bake....I don't know if I mentioned that earlier or not. But when I'm stressed...I bake. You will see lots of that here. And have a bit already with the cookies and pineapple upside down cake.

Yesterday was no different. I used the Best Cooky Recipe Ever out of the Sunset Magazine 1989 cookbook. It wasn't the best....but the Hubby liked it and that is all that counts. Here it is.
I also baked a cinnamon chip recipe. It was off of the pack of cinnamon chips. I don't count that as it didn't come from a book and was just because I like cinnamon. ;-)

So I feel a little back on track. We will look at the books and see what I can make tonight. 

Little PS here....While looking for the pot pie recipe, I found that the top shelf of my recipe cupboard....was TWO STACKS DEEP!! I'll be at this forever!!!!

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